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An Injection Moulding machine is near the plastic tray boxes and cartoons.

Injection Moulding

  • Setup with 18 machines of various capacities, -molding small and mid-size engineering components.
  • Molding products using different materials such as PP, LDPE, PVC, ABS, PC, Nylon, Nylon 66, PBT, ABSFR, Glass Filled Nylon, PPFR etc.
A person is wearing protective clothes to spray paint with a spray gun.


  • For ABS, PC, PP parts.
  • Setup of 2 booths for PU painting to provide uniform pearl or sparkle finish on a 3D surface that is difficult to achieve through masterbatches.
  • We do a combination of processes with painting such as assembly of two painted parts, foiling on PU-painted parts and pad printing on painted parts.
A Hot Folding & Stamping machine is used to paint and metallize 3D objects.


  • Printed PET film transfer using heat and pressure on near planer surfaces, 3D objects.
  • Metallic and Pattern finishes such as wood, carbon fiber, floral, etc.
  • Eliminates the requirement of more expensive processes while getting a superior finish at the same time.
  • Environment-friendly process relative to painting and metalizing.
UV Metallizing machine for 3D plastic surfaces.

UV Metallization

  • Provides metal like finish on 3D plastic surfaces.
  • Thermal Metalizing: Applicable for PP, ABS, PC etc. where curing is done through oven.
  • UV Metalizing: Applicable for PP, ABS, PC etc. where curing is done instantaneously through UV lamps.
A Pad Printing Machine is printing items with a logo or decorative pattern for the brand.


  • Printing of Logo, pattern and design as part of branding or decorative purpose.
  • Applicable on any molded or PU painted surface.
  • Can be done in combination with painting, hot stamping or water film transfer.
A person is operating a Hydrographic Printing Machine for 3D surfaces.

Hydrographic Printing

  • Also known as hydrographic printing and cubic printing.
  • Provides pattern finish such as wood, marble, carbon fiber, floral etc. onto 3D surfaces.
  • Can be done in combination with processes like hot stamping on film transferred parts, assembly of the parts etc.


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